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Ze turtle has been stopped!

Type your tumblr into google images and see what comes up

Could be worse. It could be not adorable.

Yumehh’s OC on

Credits: InoriAruma/TDA/amiamy/mmdfakewings/chickkid11/ChoiMinYeon/BunnyBoo

Cherrifangs OC on


Decided to do my nails tonight

This is the brace that the doctor recommended I get. I think its a cast in disguise.


Adagio Dazzle

Why pretend we’re all the same, when some of us shine brighter?

As a doll, I could be infamous. I could be one of the most notorious slashers in history.
I’m HollowBunny the killer doll!
And I dig it!

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The super naturally possessed doll

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