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*passes out dead*
This took for-friggin’ ever and SHE STILL ISN’T DONE. I’m so happy with her though. I’m so proud of me!


Bunny is adorable and Exo somehow fails to make friends with me. The experience was so exhausting I took a nap on a bench with Zayel

It’s so accurate! Even down to that sad look on the cats face like when Cloudy and I play and she just has look on her face like why has life done this to me? Why would it let me be put with this weird woman.

And you’ll make friends he is just jealous of your awesomeness right now :’D

Neru is my father…


A model of Laroucelle’s OC from

Credits: amiay111/Ina-Haru/Emmadesu/Tehrainbowllama/Your-friend-sushi/yokkaulove/LesnikovaP/BunnyBoo(Me)


Bunny plays with her new cat while Exo and Krissy watch. Moon floor rolls and… GLaDOS is… surprised? Chell meanwhile skips around with her new freedom.

Moon is sad she doesn’t have a kitty. GLaDOS is concerned she doesn’t have a kitty. And Chell is happy she doesn’t have a kitty and my cat literally jumpped at the wall as I was typing this. This is meant to be about cats. Why are they so weird!? O.o

Eeyup just a normal morning

I see that sexy look in your eyes
We ain’t friends anymore

PM by ChatterHEAD
Stage by Rin8Kagamine
Wallpapers by BunnyBoo/Mintyflair
Made in MMD with MME

Full 1920x1080 downloads here

Pretending I know how to be fashionable. Hehe must fool them all.


Leah gets a new room and stares at herself again. Silv plays with a cat and I give her a sparkly and pretty little outfit. Bunny and Exo do exercises together and Lumel and Leah do… very little. Bunny also gets a new room full of plants. Cause she’s a bunny.

Bunny needs a cat and room full of gold to match her goldiggin’ self.


Sailor Moon dishing out advice to y’all. Play it in the background and absorb some life lessons.

If you never watched the DiC dub, then you might not know about Sailor Says. It was a unique segment that used episode footage to teach kids some very overt lessons, but really, behind all the cheese and silliness, there are a lot of beautiful things that people of all ages should hear, including:

  • Don’t stick around in a bad relationship
  • Food positivity
  • Everyone has strengths and weaknesses
  • Do the right thing even if it’s tough
  • Be a supportive but honest person and friend
  • Be Good